Versatile Blogger…

As a new blogger, I am amazed at how kind my fellow bloggers are. The kindest of all has been Granny of Granny’s Parlour.  She has been a most enthusiastic supporter of my poor mental meanderings from the very beginning and I thank her for her encouragement and support with all my heart.

I  love doing my blog. It’s a way to explore another dimension of my world in a very personal and yet public way — I guess that’s the wanna-be book author in me. That anyone would care to read my maunderings is a kind of validation. At the same time, I have a chance to touch minds with so many like-minded people, and that’s a wonderful thing when you come to think of it.

Discovering fellow bloggers brings back the sense of excitement I felt as a kid  when I would meet someone  whose interests and intellect were in sync. In those days, though, the odds of meeting sympatico people were very limited so that, when you did, it was a kind of falling in love at the cerebral level.

Now, thanks to the wonderful world of cyberspace, we get to meet kindred minds from all over the world. What could be more exciting and comforting than that?

Granny, Malc (of Green Bench Ramblings) and Pommepal (of Gypsy Life), thank you again, for your nomination and for the companionship of you and all the other bloggers I’ve met in the past few months.

Now for the rules:

The RULES for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Add the award to your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who gave it to  you.
  3. Mention seven  random things about yourself. (see below)
  4. List the rules.
  5. Award to 15  bloggers.
  6. Inform  each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Things about me:

1)   I used to be a member of Parliament for Winnipeg South
2)   I am the recent past-chairman of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
3)   I’ve never met a plant I couldn’t kill
4)   I don’t know how to be a tidy gardener
5)   I’m currently reading 3,202 pages of Anthony Trollop’s novel
6)   I love my husband, kids, grand kids, friends and employees
7)   I once melted the face off my doll by leaving it out in the sun
8)   *extra* I have size 9 feet

15 Bloggers I nominate for the award (Please visit their blogs too)…


6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger…

  1. DiVoran says:

    Seems there’s a whole new society growing up in the world, a society of loving and kind friends, a society of people who have manners and who like to think with their minds, but even more who know how to feel with their hearts. Onward and upward!

  2. Margie says:

    Congrats on being selected for this award. It is nice to be part of such a wonderful, giving community, isn’t it!

  3. Norma Chang says:

    Thank you Dorothy for the nomination, I am deeply honoured and touched.

  4. Granny says:

    Wow! Thank you, Dorothy. I am very grateful for your kind words and to have made this connection. Very grateful indeed. I could spend long hours speaking of the wonders of the meeting of the minds in this writer’s paradise that blogging brings to our fingertips. I know exactly what you mean… “Discovering fellow bloggers brings back the sense of excitement I felt as a kid when I would meet someone whose interests and intellect were in sync.” I have written about this as well and I hope that hearing this nudges aspiring writers to dive head first into their craft. Thanks again.
    PS: I have a hard time believing that you are able to kill any plant!

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