Joy to the world


Christmas morning

It’s early Christmas morning. Nobody is stirring yet and the world is hushed with expectancy. What a lovely time to be awake, waiting for the day to begin and for all the good things that it will bring: the drive to Lori’s through the morning sun and snow ; the gift opening and the fun of absorbing Holly’s and Graeme’s delight as part of our own; the brunch prepared by Lori and Graeme now what he has grown to over six feet tall but enjoys cooking; the chats with Joe, Lori’s “lover” as we call him in the 19th century meaning of the word (the word partner is so confusing these days), and with our darling Holly. She has a boy friend now, too, and Craig will be with us for the day

Then back home for a nap if we want one and, later, Ian will join us and we three will go back to Lori’s for dinner. What luxury. No need for me to cook and Ian is bringing one of his famous deserts. Perhaps Andrea, Holly’s loyal friend and part of our extended family since when they were four years old, will be there. We will all laugh and talk over one another and tells stories to each other.  

Last night, Christmas Eve, was just as lovely. Our friends came by – there were just six of us, and we indulged in a guilt-free meal of hors d’oeuvres, followed by three perfect little deserts courtesy of Ian. The fire blazed in the fireplace, the Christmas tree was splendour of white and candles twinkled all over the house. Christmas carols played softly in the background and we opened a bottle of the very best wine. It is bitterly cold outside, but we didn’t notice with all the warmth in our small house. We are so very blessed with good friends.

Later Christmas Day

It was worth waiting for. The whole day was filled with laughter. The sun did shine and sparkle off the snow as Glenn and I made our way to Lori’s on Christmas morning. It was minus 26.

At Lori’s house, all was warm and inviting and the gifts and the brunch were satisfying and nurturing to the soul and to the body. Lori’s mimosas made her giddy – she has no tolerance for alcohol – and she is funny and sweet.

Shauna called to thank us for their gifts and tell us of their plans for a splendid day. They always celebrate with homemade cinnamon buns in the morning and this afternoon they were going to a movie and then out to dinner. They all dress up and make it a special occasion, Toronto style.    poinsettia

smas tree   

Later, when we came back to Lori’s for dinner, with Ian in tow, we fell into an easy camaraderie with Ian and Craig to witness funny family stories and gentle teasing of yours truly. We laughed and laughed over silly things and over nothing at all. It was the way we always laughed at Christmas when the girls were young and my sister Kitty would come over. Kitty was witty, with an innocent malice that kept us gasping with mirth.

In those days, Lori had a boyfriend who was a magician (now a well known name in magic circles, world-wide) and he would delight my little nieces and nephews by dressing up as a skinny Santa, complete with a bag of tricks and gifts on his back. Now the magic comes from us and the people we gather round us.

It was a lovely Christmas. How seldom we encounter two such perfect days. They are gifts to cherish and hold close against the other days when things don’t go as well. How grateful I am that Glenn is well and gaining weight, that the kids are thriving and happy and that we live in a warm circle of good friends.

Merry Christmas. I  hope your lives are filled with the same joy.

One of the beautiful bur oaks in our world.

One of the beautiful bur oaks in our world.


9 thoughts on “Joy to the world

  1. barb Zayac says:

    Love your writings and look forward to them……Happy New Year to you and your family……

  2. Robin says:

    Sounds like you had a memorable Christmas, just like it should be!

  3. Evelyn wray says:

    So very nice to read something positive and heart warming. Merry Christmas and best wishes in the coming year.

  4. Lovely heart-warming post. Friends, family and laughter – perfect!

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