Now it’s on to summer


It’s behind us now, this recent June, the month when the days are longest, the summer hopes are highest and the gardens are at their loveliest. The summer solstice slipped by and today is Canada Day, marking 148 years since confederation. Here in Manitoba, the sun is shining, albeit through a bit of a haze courtesy of the forest fires in Saskatchewan. The plants in my garden have all recovered and look as though they had never suffered any setback from an erratic spring.

How did that late snowfall turn into this blaze of colour that is my garden today? How did the time between this post and my last go so quickly? Time has an all new dimension in these latter years – the hours whiz by like minutes, the days like mere hours. And they are so full. I hear the phrase, “I’m busier than I’ve ever been,” over and over again from people who, like me, are on the “freedom 95 plan”. Not that we are straining for freedom. It is a privilege to be able to put all that learning to work for a good purpose.

The picture gallery below will bring you up to date . . . I have to go an sit in the garden and learn more about how to use social media to increase our subscription reach for my three garden magazines. Learning? Well that’s part of the fun, not to mention the time stealer, too!


IMG_20150518_060541 IMG_20150518_060523 IMG_20150518_151903 IMG_20150518_172113 IMG_20150518_172437 IMG_20150518_172649 IMG_20150524_112848 IMG_20150524_134757 IMG_20150524_143532 IMG_20150524_163424 IMG_20150526_082917 IMG_20150526_083422 IMG_20150606_201602 IMG_20150607_093741 IMG_20150612_080307 IMG_20150612_080335 IMG_20150613_154959 IMG_20150614_183823 IMG_20150628_145754 IMG_20150629_185408 IMG_20150701_075316 IMG_20150627_125239 IMG_20150701_075833


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